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A reason to march

By Alex MacLean Before leaving the house on Election Day I told my two-year old daughter that by the time she woke up the next day we would have our first female President. That one day she too could be President or anything else she wanted to be. I went to the polls that day […]

Vermont’s Budget and Revenue Problem

By Scott Mackey  Vermont has a budget and revenue problem – one that is simple to explain but difficult to solve. The problem is that our revenue system does not produce enough money to fund the spending we are accustomed to without constant tax increases. It is difficult to solve because Vermont citizens and the […]

2017 Legislative Review Preview

Introduction From the election of Donald Trump, to congressional gridlock, to Brexit, 2016 was a year of heightened political activity. Some changes were expected, while others came as a surprise. As we see the pendulum swing back to the right in the White House, GOP lawmakers and governors also won big across the country in […]