States Risk Economic Slowdown with Income Tax Proposals

BY FOCUS, a Leonine Business If states are truly “laboratories of democracy” as is often mused, then the state of Kansas has in recent years turned itself into a veritable science project gone wrong through a series of tax policy missteps coupled with a staunch unwillingness to change course. In 2011, the state implemented an […]

More States Risk Economic Fallout With “Bathroom Bills”

In 2016, North Carolina called a special legislative session for the purpose of enacting a first-in-the-nation “bathroom bill”. The act – the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act – known colloquially as HB 2, contains a provision that limits individuals to using only restrooms and changing facilities that correspond to the sex on their birth […]

Emerging Issue – With More Drivers Taking to the Roads, States Seek Infrastructure Solutions

U.S. drivers are taking to the road more than ever before this year. According to data from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Americans drove more than 2.4 trillion miles in the first nine months of the year. Alongside record miles traveled, the FHWA also announced that American drivers consumed 71.8 billion barrels of gasoline in […]

States Lock Up Social Media from Employers

Last month, Illinois became the 25th state to enact strict legislation relating to social media privacy in the workplace with the passage of HB 4999/Public Act 99-610, which was signed by Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner on July 22. Effective January 1, the new law will significantly strengthen existing law by prohibiting employers from requesting, requiring […]