50-state government affairs

FOCUS is the premier 50-state strategic consulting and information services firm. Specialized services include legislative/regulatory tracking & reporting, coalition & association management, issues management, government affairs department audits, public policy research, and a 50-state and global lobbyist network.

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Tracking and reporting

Beyond tracking, we create a path backed by the industry’s best analysts

FOCUS TRACKING is the premier legislative and regulatory monitoring service tailored to meet the needs of fast-moving organizations. We give you the tools and information needed to navigate policy landscapes in all 50 states, U.S. Congress and Puerto Rico.

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Coalition and Association Management

Cohesive advocacy and organized associations

With our experience, network and proven track record, we are the full service solution you need to start a new trade association, manage an industry coalition or improve the effectiveness of an existing government affairs organization.

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Strategic Consulting and research

The insight. The energy. The results.

The FOCUS consulting team includes highly-skilled professionals with decades of government relations experience. We assess public policy issues and their business implications and provide you with the strategic and political context needed to manage key issues and make informed decisions. We partner with top companies or trade associations to build or rebuild state government affairs departments to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Some areas of expertise include:

Public Policy Research & Reports
Building Government Affairs Departments
Government Affairs Department Audits

50-state and global lobbying

Professional Lobbying Network at your fingertips

If your organization needs to deploy strategy on-the-ground, FOCUS provides clients with a free lobbyist referral service that will match your organization with the lobbyist best suited to tackle your issues. We know multiple firms in every state and we directly connect our clients with the best firm. Our FOCUS team also manages The Advocacy Group (TAG), a global network of top-notch lobbyists and public affairs specialists that can help you effectively navigate the public policy challenges you face in every state, the U.S Congress and internationally.

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  • I have worked closely with the professionals at FOCUS for more than a decade and highly recommend the FOCUS team for any organization seeking legislative tracking, multistate issue analysis and coalition and organization management.  The professionalism, talent, creativity and positive attitude of the entire FOCUS Team continues to shine while managing our group, excelling each day and constantly exceeding our expectations.

    - David Smith, Princeton Public Affairs Group.


Meet the FOCUS team

50-state Consulting, Advocacy, Lobbying & Tracking Experts.

Alexis Sly
Legislative Analyst

Alexis tracks legislative and regulatory activity in all 50 states, primarily focusing on transaction taxes, vehicle finance industry issues and various insurance matters.

Anastasia Douglas
Legislative Analyst

Anastasia Douglas is a legislative and regulatory analyst at Leonine FOCUS, focusing on state and federal issues ranging from transaction and business taxes to environmental issues

Andrew Gillespie
Legislative Analyst

Andrew Gillespie is a legislative and regulatory analyst at FOCUS, specializing in financial services in all 50 states.

Dustin Eagar
Legislative Analyst

Dustin Eagar is a legislative and regulatory analyst for FOCUS, specializing in education issues in all 50 states.

Erika Sweet
Legislative Analyst

Erika Sweet is a legislative analyst at KSE FOCUS, tracking issues concerning the financial services industry in all 50 states.

Jennifer Estivill
Director of Research & Analysis

Since joining Leonine Public Affairs in 2006, Jennifer has worked as a senior legislative and regulatory analyst with a primary focus on health care issues, and handles a variety of management and organizational tasks for the FOCUS multi-state monitoring and analysis practice.

Jeremiah Johnson
Front-End Developer & User Experience Strategist

Jeremiah Johnson is a front-end developer at Leonine Public Affairs, specializing in user experience (UX) design for large-scale web applications.

Jordan White
Legislative Analyst

Jordan joined the Leonine Public Affairs team in 2012 after previously working with the Vermont Legislative Research Service, where he conducted a diverse array of specialized policy research for various legislators and legislative committees.

Kelsey Carlson
Manager | State Government Affairs

She works on FOCUS business development and is a legislative analyst on the energy and natural gas team and supports the Internet Coalition.

Leif Johnson
Partner | President of FOCUS

Leif runs Leonine FOCUS’ Washington, D.C. office, serves as CEO and Managing Director of The Advocacy Group, and manages FOCUS’s 50-state government relations practice, Leonine FOCUS. Johnson is a key player on FOCUS’€™s strategic counsel team helping corporate and trade association clients sharpen their state government affairs operations.

Robyn Schnaible
Director of Research and Analysis

Robyn is the director of research and analysis, she handles a variety of management and organizational tasks for the FOCUS tracking team.

Sara Hassard
Legislative Analyst

Sara Hassard is a legislative analyst at FOCUS, tracking legislative and regulatory issues dealing with privacy in all 50 states.

Scott Mackey
Managing Partner

Scott helps clients design and implement successful strategies in state capitols, especially around state and local tax policies impacting wireless communications and the digital economy.

Shannon Wheeler
Legislative Analyst

Shannon Wheeler is a legislative and regulatory analyst at Leonine FOCUS and assists in the management of The Advocacy Group (TAG), a 50-state lobbying network.

Tammy Cota
Director of Policy

Tammy currently serves as executive director of the Internet Coalition, a trade association representing internet and e-commerce companies focusing on state public policy to protect and foster the internet economy.

Austin Young
Legislative Analyst

Austin Young is a legislative and regulatory assistant at Focus, specializing in Education issues in all 50 states.

Ann Brazier
Administration & Technology

Ann Brazier is the business manager at Leonine Public Affairs. She manages all aspects of the firm’s day-to-day finances, administers benefits and payroll for the firm’€™s multi-state operation.

Ezra Hagerty
Legislative Analyst

Ezra Hagerty supports clients across a variety of industries by tracking legislative and regulatory developments throughout the 50 states.