Author: Leonine FOCUS

Minimum Wage at the Ballot Box

By Alexis Caswell, Leonine FOCUS Minimum wage increases are slated to take effect in 25 states and D.C. this year, according to Ballotpedia, and advocates in other states are working to get similar pay increases in front of voters. An organization in Nebraska is trying to get an initiative to raise the minimum wage on […]

Where Does the Discussion of Critical Race Theory Translate to Policy?

Critical Race Theory (CRT) seems to be the latest political catchphrase and FOCUS’ team of legislative policy analysts is here to give a bit of legislative context. “Critical race theory” is an academic theory which discusses how racism and discrimination has helped shape American history. The academic discipline has been around for decades, but Education […]

Doxing: the New Cybersecurity Concern

By FOCUS, a Leonine Business You may have heard the term “doxing” being thrown around before but be prepared to hear that term more and more. Doxing / doxxing is the act of searching for and publishing private information (or documents/“docs”) of someone on the internet often with malicious intent, including legal name, phone numbers […]

The Biden Administration, Student Debt and the Statewide Effort to Handle the Student Debt Crisis

By FOCUS, a Leonine Business How are states responding to the Biden Administration’s Student Debt Forgiveness Plans? President Biden has had an ambitious set of promises to deal with upon the beginning of his Presidency. Chief among the priorities in his first 100 days have been making vaccinations available and slowing the spread of COVID-19, […]

State Responses to COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

by FOCUS, a Leonine Business As states receive their allotment of COVID-19 vaccinations, many health departments are grappling with vaccine distribution plans that inoculate the most vulnerable of the population. Federal guidance provided little framework for states to follow as they scramble to rollout vaccines for healthcare personnel and critical populations, including immunocompromised individuals and […]

Cannabis Slows in 2020, but Outlook Remains Bright

By FOCUS, a Leonine Business Cannabis legislation was looking to have another banner year in 2020 – during this legislative session alone, at least 1,400 cannabis-related bills were introduced, with nearly 300 of these bills taking effect. However, in March the nation was swept up by the COVID-19 crisis, causing nearly everything, including state legislatures, […]