Lawmakers Debate Contact Tracing Privacy Proposals

by FOCUS, a Leonine Business Congress and several state legislatures are looking to regulate contact tracing applications, as states have either developed and are using their own technologies or have turned to private third-party application providers for additional tools to contain and prevent new cases of COVID-19.  This trend has begun to raise privacy and […]

States Push Liability Protections as Businesses Reopen

By FOCUS, a Leonine Business Returning to work in the time of COVID is seen across the political spectrum as both a highly treacherous process and an economic necessity. Facing massive losses to their personal finances, many workers and families simply can not afford to continue living without a steady paycheck, while businesses across the […]

Social Distancing Creates Remote Notarization Boom

By FOCUS, a Leonine Business Wills, titles, mortgages, powers of attorney, medical directives, affidavits and more – all of these legal documents and many more require the signature of a notary public in order to have a binding legal effect. Without notarizations, key pieces of the economy and our judicial system would grind to a […]


FOCUS, a Leonine Public Affairs business, has announced an online 50-state COVID-19 resources website, updated daily and available to the general public. “COVID-19 policy is being handled on a state-by-state basis, making this website an invaluable resource for policymakers and government affairs professionals during this unprecedented time,” said Leif Johnson, President of FOCUS. “From stay-at-home […]

Single-Use Plastic Bans Divide States

By FOCUS, a Leonine Business Since 2016, when California enacted one of the first major bans on single-use plastic bags, the movement to prohibit the use of bags and other single-use plastics has gained steam and is now beginning to reach a fever pitch in 2020 as other states push similar legislation. California’s bill, SB […]

States Cracking Down on Employee Misclassification

By FOCUS, a Leonine Business Over the past decade, the rise of the so-called “gig economy,” which includes services such as Uber and Lyft, has transformed the American economy and everyday life, making it significantly easier to book a hotel, find a cab ride or get any type of food delivered directly to your door. […]

State and Federal Friction on Green Energy

By FOCUS, a Leonine Business Over the past three years, the Trump Administration has been undertaking a massive rollback of federal environmental regulations, to the applause of Republicans and the chagrin of Democrats. As of December 2019, at least 58 environmental rules had been completely rolled back, while another 37 rollbacks were in progress. These […]

Medicaid Expansions Come Down to Voters vs. Legislators

By FOCUS, a Leonine Business Medicaid expansion has been one of the hottest topics in state legislatures for nearly a decade now, following a 2012 Supreme Court decision which, among several other key provisions, ruled that the Medicaid expansion provisions of the Affordable Care Act were opt-in only, meaning that individual states themselves could choose […]

Emotional Support Animals Test States Patience

By FOCUS, a Leonine Business Last month, two passengers were removed from a Norwegian Airlines flight to Texas when their emotional support dogs, two French bulldogs, began to act distressed after boarding. More famously, in 2018, a woman was banned from bringing her emotional support peacock on a United Airlines flight from Newark to Los […]