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Shelter in Place & Essential Business Designations

FOCUS’ Shelter in Place and Essential Business Designations Chart is your go-to resource for a state-by-state response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It details which states have issued orders to close “nonessential” businesses, and those that have issued official Shelter in Place Orders that prohibit residents from leaving their home.

It also includes executive orders, proclamations and press releases related to other actions states’ are taking during the pandemic.

The analyst team at FOCUS is updating this information weekly, on Thursdays.


The State Economy Reopening Guidelines Chart details the guidelines each state had provided for reopening their respective economies, from March through October 5, 2020 (the date we retired the chart).

Some states created formal plans, complete with specific dates or benchmarks and some states joined regional coalitions to coordinate the reopening of their economies with their nearest neighbors. Several states did not provide formal guidance but issued proclamations or updated states of emergency which gave timelines as to when specified businesses and/or activities were to resume. We stopped updates to this chart on 10/5/2020 due to lack of activity; if relevant actions begin to reoccur, we will reactivate this chart.

COVID-19 State Session Updates

FOCUS’ COVID-19 State Session Updates Chart lists which states are in session or have suspended operations, and whether hearings, crossover deadlines and other key processes are impacted.

It is updated every weekday.

50-State Budget Overview

FOCUS’ 50-State Budget Overview tracks states that have announced budget freezes as part of their response to the coronavirus.

It is updated weekly, on Fridays.

Business Tax Incentives

Every Tuesday and Thursday, FOCUS publishes Business Tax Incentives newsletter that provides a “temperature check” on state and local appetites for business tax incentives. Contact to subscribe.

COVID-19-related Relaxed Alcohol Laws

FOCUS’ Relaxed Alcohol Laws table details which states have listed alcohol-related businesses as essential/non-essential, alcohol-specific orders, laws and related changes and other COVID-19-related policy information impacting the beer, wine and alcohol industry.

It is updated weekly, on Fridays. 

Cannabis-Related Essential Service Designations & Pickup/Delivery Allowances

FOCUS’ COVID-19 Cannabis-related Executive Orders Chart lists the states that have Executive Orders listing cannabis businesses and services as essential and easing pick-up or delivery service rules.

Last updated on August 19, 2020. This document is no longer regularly updated due to state lockdowns ending, however should this situation change, FOCUS will restart updates.

Utility Disconnect Executive Orders

FOCUS’ Utility Disconnect Executive Orders page lists the states that have executive orders that restrict or prohibit utilities – such as voice service, cable television, broadband service or other telecommunication service providers — from disconnecting clients for non-payment during the coronavirus pandemic.

It is updated bi-weekly, on Mondays. 

COVID-19 Remote Notarization Orders

FOCUS’ COVID-19 Remote Notarization Orders highlights Executive Orders and other actions loosening restrictions on remote and electronic notarial actions, removing requirements that notarizations be in-person and other actions impacting notaries public.

It is updated weekly, on Thursdays.

Legislative & Regulatory Tracking

FOCUS offers free tracking of COVID-19-related legislation and regulation for all clients.

Current categories include:

  • COVID-19 Response (General)
  • Contact Tracing
  • E-closings
  • Employee Health Screening and Privacy – General
  • Employee Health Screening and Privacy – Rebuttable Presumption
  • Essential Business Designations & Shelter in Place
  • Eviction Moratoriums
  • Government Assistance to Businesses
  • Government Assistance to Individuals
  • Health Insurance and Medicaid
  • Insurance Misc.
  • Liability Protection
  • Paid Leave
  • Price Gouging
  • Remote Education
  • Remote Meeting & Voting in Legislatures
  • Remote Notarization
  • School Requirement Waivers
  • Tax Deadline Extensions
  • Utility Disconnect

Reach out to your lead analyst to add any of these to your database.

Additional FOCUS Tools & Offerings

– Free tracking of coronavirus-related legislation and regulations for all clients.

– Free, unlimited trainings on the FOCUS database for all clients.

– Free access to our global lobbyist network, The Advocacy Group (TAG).

– Research, White Papers and Resource-Gathering.

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To our clients: FOCUS is currently well-equipped to continue providing you with the same high level of service you are used to. Our goal during these challenging times is to continue to be there for you and serve as an extension of your staff. We will continue to manage your association or issues and provide you with information about legislative and regulatory developments that remain essential to your job. If there are special projects, research or other services that could be helpful to you during this time, please reach out to us and ask. If we are able to help you, we will!

Stay safe and be well.

~ Leif Johnson and the FOCUS Team


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