Christmas covid 2020

I’ll Be Home for Christmas…After my Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine

By FOCUS, a Leonine Business

With each passing holiday of 2020, we continue to acknowledge that this year has reshaped and reconfigured how we celebrate occasions that are historically spent with family around a Christmas tree or Thanksgiving turkey. A year ago, if someone had told me to buy stock in Zoom or other video platforms because it would be the only way to spend meaningful time with family and friends, I would have wondered what kind of zombie apocalypse 2020 was going to throw at us.

While some may be thrilled at the prospects of not having to entertain in-laws or spend hours cooking for a neighborhood holiday party, the fear of isolation for others may leave them questioning the cost-benefits of traveling this holiday season.

States across the country are seeing COVID-19 rates drastically increasing, with some states even seeing higher rates than the earliest days of the pandemic. According to the California Regional Stay at Home Order (12/03/2020), the number of new cases per day has increased from 8,743 to 18,588 with new hospital admissions also increasing at similar rates. The California Department of Public Health will evaluate public health needs and stay-at-home orders based on regions and will limit gatherings with members of other households, regionally dependent throughout the state, in conjunction with a 14-day quarantine.

Other states, such as Massachusetts, have enacted stricter travel restrictions and requirements for traveling in or out of the state. All visitors and returning residents are required to complete the Massachusetts Travel form and engage in a 14-day quarantine unless they have received a negative COVID-19 test. Travelers who have failed to quarantine can be fined up to $500 a day.

Other states that have issued or advised travelers to engage in 14-day quarantines include: Alaska, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

Well, if indoor activities and family gatherings are prohibited, maybe a trip to Colorado or other winter activity destination could be possible. Just be prepared to quarantine for 10-days prior to travel, with a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours before travel or pay up to a $5,000 fine if non-compliant.

While I’ll miss my mom’s homemade apple sauce over a Christmas ham, I’ll be sending all my friends and family virtual love this holiday season. Here’s to hoping 2021 holidays can be spent in a more traditional manner.