Ann Brazier

Administration & Technology

Ann Brazier is the business manager at Leonine Public Affairs. She manages all aspects of the firm’s day-to-day finances, administers benefits and payroll for the firm’€™s multi-state operation. She handles lobbyist disclosure and campaign finance compliance for Leonine Public Affairs’€™s registered lobbyists and clients. She is the Treasurer for the Vermont Wholesale Beverage Association, a trade association for Vermont’s beer and wine wholesale distributors.

She joined the staff in 1990 when the firm opened its Montpelier office. Her experience with Leonine Public Affairs includes management of the firm’s technology as well as advocacy before Vermont’s legislative and executive branches.

Prior to joining Leonine Public Affairs’s staff, Brazier worked for the executive management and board of trustees of a non-profit electric utility involved with planning regional conferences, policy strategy, employee and customer relations. She is a native Vermonter and a graduate of Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont.